Setting up Workiz Phone

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In this article, you will learn how to set up Workiz Phone to get the most out of Workiz’s integrated phone system.

Workiz isn’t just the best scheduling and managing solution for service pros, it also has a built-in, one-of-a-kind phone system designed for service businesses like yours: Workiz Phone. With Workiz Phone, you can answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls with just one click.

Workiz Phone comes packed with features designed to take your service business to the next level. Setting up Workiz Phone was designed to be a painless, streamlined experience.

Get your Workiz number

In order to use Workiz Phone, you will first need a Workiz Phone number. All Workiz plans will receive one Workiz Phone number free of charge. Additional Workiz Phone numbers can be purchased for an extra cost.

To learn more about purchasing an additional Workiz Phone number, please see this article.

If you have an existing phone number that you would like to continue to use for your business, you can port that number over to Workiz for free. To port over your existing phone number, please see this article.

Install the Workiz Phone desktop app

While you can use Workiz Phone on your web browser, you can also download and install Workiz Phone directly to your computer. The standalone app is designed to make you more available for incoming calls to make sure you never miss another potential job again.

With the Workiz Phone desktop app, you can continue to make and receive valuable calls without having to keep the web browser window open.

To learn more about installing the Workiz Phone desktop app, please see this article.

Create your call groups

Call groups are a great way to forward calls to multiple devices or users linked to your Workiz account. Call groups are designed to be used with call flows, which allow you to create voice menus or call queues and ensure that your clients can easily and consistently reach the right person or department.

To learn more about creating call groups, please see this article.

Update or create call flows

A call flow is a rule that details how incoming calls will be handled. It illustrates the journey an incoming call will take from the first menu to the end of the call.

Call flows are a vital tool for modern service businesses that want to provide a more professional experience for their customers. A proper call flow will send your clients to the right person or department, ensuring your clients are never more than a few taps away from speaking to somebody capable of addressing their issue.

With call flows, you can create voice menus, call queues, and rules to forward calls to one or multiple users.

When signing up for Workiz, your Workiz Phone number will automatically come with a call flow that forwards calls from your Workiz number to your actual phone number.

To learn more about creating a call flow, please see this article.

Set up call masking

Call masking is a Workiz Phone feature that provides your techs and clients with a greater degree of privacy by preventing both parties from seeing any actual phone numbers. This allows you to override the caller ID to only show your clients the number you want them to see — like your business phone number.

And because your techs will never see your client's phone number, call masking is also designed to ensure that your business’s clients remain your business’s clients.

This feature also allows you to record calls that take place between your techs and clients, enabling you to monitor calls and improve your customer service. All calls between your clients and techs will be saved under the relevant job and client page.

To learn more about setting up call masking, please see this article.

Set up call tracking

Call tracking in Workiz allows you to see exactly which ads are generating the most revenue for your business. Workiz’s intuitive Call Tracking Report lets you focus on the topics that really matter: total jobs booked and conversion rate (the percentage of calls that were converted to jobs).

To learn more about setting up call tracking, please see this article.

Set your caller ID

Workiz makes it easy to assign a Caller ID Name (CNAM) that allows your outbound calls to feature your business's name instead of the phone number itself.

Setting up CNAM is also an effective way of preventing your outbound calls from appearing as "spam risk" on your clients's devices.

To learn more about setting your caller ID, please see this article.

Set your fallback number

In extremely rare situations, Workiz Phone may experience outages that may otherwise prevent your business from receiving calls as it typically would. You can limit the impact these outages may have on your business by providing an external fallback number.

In the event of a Workiz Phone outage, Workiz will automatically forward calls to your fallback number.

To learn more about setting your fallback number, please see this article.

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