In this article, you will learn how to use call masking to monitor your field techs and protect your client’s and tech’s personal phone numbers.

What is call masking?

Call masking is a Workiz Phone feature that provides your techs and clients with a greater degree of privacy by preventing both parties from seeing any actual phone numbers. This allows you to override the caller ID to only show your clients the number you want them to see — like your business phone number.

And because your techs will never see your client's phone number, call masking is also designed to ensure that your business’s clients remain your business’s clients.

This feature also allows you to record calls that take place between your techs and clients, enabling you to monitor calls and improve your customer service. All calls between your clients and techs will be saved under the relevant job and client page.

Setting up call masking

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Calls & Texts, select Call Masking

  3. Select Get Started

  4. In the first section, select all of the techs who you want to assign masked phone numbers to

  5. Select the second section to expand the menu and configure the related settings:

    1. Record calls: Decide if you want to record phone calls and choose the corresponding option

    2. Recording disclaimer: In the text box, enter a message to notify your clients that the call is being recorded. This message will be read by a voice assistant at the beginning of the call.

      IMPORTANT: Federal laws in the United States require you to notify clients when calls will be recorded. Certain states may also require single or multi-party consent before a call can be recorded.

  6. Select the third section to expand the menu and configure the related settings:

    1. Caller ID number: Choose a phone number that will appear on your client’s caller ID when you dial their number

      Tip: We recommend using your primary business number.

    2. Use smart tech callback: Decide if you want to use smart tech callback and check the box accordingly

      Note: When a client returns a missed call from your tech, smart tech callback will automatically forward the call to the tech who made the original call.

      Without smart tech callback, your client will be directed to your main business line, at which point your team will have to manually forward the call to the relevant tech.

      Smart tech callback will only remain active for 12 hours while the job is still open. If your client returns a missed call after a) 12 hours, b) the job is closed, or c) the job is canceled, the call will automatically be forwarded to your main business line.

  7. Select the fourth section to expand the menu and configure the related settings:

    Note: This is the phone number your techs will see when dialing a specific client. When dialing from outside for the Workiz app, your techs will be required to dial a three-digit extension for that specific client. That three-digit extension will be listed on the job page.

    If your tech is dialing from within the app, the call will automatically connect to the client without the extension.

    1. Use masking for leads: Decide if you want to use call masking for leads and check the box accordingly

  8. Select Activate call masking

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