Getting started with Workiz

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In this article, you will learn about some of the first steps you should take after signing up with Workiz.

Whether you’re preparing for your onboarding session with one of our specialists or simply trying to get a sense of how to get started, here are some initial steps you can take to get comfortable with Workiz. 

Updating your account details

Workiz makes it easy to update business information, such as your company name, address, website, and more. After providing these details under your account settings, Workiz will automatically pull this information when generating documents (e.g., estimates, invoices) and messages.

To learn more about updating your account details, please see this article.

Uploading your logo

Workiz lets you upload your company logo under your account settings, automatically populating that logo in multiple areas across the software including your documents (e.g., estimates, invoices), booking portal, and sales proposals.

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Customizing your job settings

Jobs are at the center of how Workiz operates, making it important for you to be able to tailor things around your business.

With Workiz, you can customize your:

Adding team members

Our software excels at allowing you to manage your team of field techs, admins, dispatchers, and other employees. Adding team members will allow you to easily dispatch jobs to available techs, communicate with your teammates using the Message Center, and much more.

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Adding clients

New clients can be added automatically when creating a new estimate, invoice, job, or lead. You can also add new clients on their own, entering basic information like name and contact info.

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Connecting to Workiz Pay

Workiz Pay is our fast, simple, and integrated online payments solution that enables you to collect convenient payments from your clients using credit cards or bank transfers. You can send invoices to your clients that they can pay online on their own device, or use the mobile app to process a payment while on a job.

Joining Workiz Pay is easy, and just requires you to connect a bank account and provide some basic information about your business.

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