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How to add new clients in Workiz
How to add new clients in Workiz

Read our article on how to easily add new clients in Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn how to add a new client to your Workiz account.

In Workiz, clients are required in order to create estimates, invoices, leads, and jobs. When attempting to create any of these items in Workiz, you’ll be prompted to enter client details.

Workiz will automatically indicate when you enter details already linked to an existing client, saving you time by completing the remaining client fields. If the details you enter aren’t already linked to an existing client, you can manually complete these fields to create a new client in your account.

You can also save yourself time by importing an existing list of clients. To learn more about importing a clients list, please see this article.

Creating a new client from scratch is quick and easy.

Creating a new client

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Client

Adding client details

  1. Complete the Client Details fields:

    1. First Name: Enter your client’s first name

    2. Last Name: Enter your client’s last name

    3. Company Name: Enter your client’s company name, if applicable

    4. Phone Number: Enter your client’s phone number

    5. Secondary Phone: Enter your client’s secondary phone number, if applicable

    6. Email: Enter your client’s email address

    7. Ad Source: Choose the ad source this new client is associated with

    8. Allow Billing: Decide whether you want to allow jobs from this client to be closed even if they have an outstanding balance and toggle the switch accordingly

  2. Complete the Client Address fields:

    1. Address: Enter your client’s service address

    2. City: Enter the city associated with this service address

    3. State: Enter the state associated with this service address

    4. Zip: Enter the ZIP code associated with this service address

  3. Select Save

You will now be able to create jobs, leads, estimates, and invoices for this client from the client page.

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