When creating a new job with Workiz, you can choose the relevant job type.
The job type should describe the job (for example, is it a service? A repair job? Or something else?).

There are two different ways to create a job type:

Option #1: Add a New Job Type From the Job Page

  1. From the job page, click on job type and then click on 'Add New'.

2. Write down your new Job Type Name, choose your preferred display order and the time this type of job usually takes, and click 'Save'.

Option #2: Add a New Job Type From Settings

1. Go to 'Settings'.

2. Under 'Job Settings' click on 'Job Types'.

3. Click on the 'Add New' button.

4. Enter the name of the new job type and the average duration it takes to complete this kind of job. When you add a new job later on and choose this job type, the job will automatically show the length of the job as the number of hours you chose.

For example, if you say that it takes an average of two hours to change a lock, every time you choose the job type "Lock Change", it will automatically show that this is a two-hour job.

*This job type will be selected for this job and also saved in your job types list.

*This new job type will now be available in your jobs, leads, and reports.

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