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How to add job types
How to add job types

This article will show you how to create and manage your job types.

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In this article, you will learn how to create job types in Workiz.

Job types are a great way to help categorize the sort of work your business is doing on a regular basis. Creating job types also saves you lots of time by:

  • Automatically blocking out the necessary amount of time on your schedule

  • Automatically suggesting the field techs who can complete the job based on their skill sets

This feature will also provide you with more accurate data so you can understand exactly how long certain types of jobs are actually taking.

Adding a new job type

In Workiz, you can add a new job type from two different places: The Job Types settings age or a new job page.

Adding a new job type from the settings menu

The Job Types settings page will provide you greater control over your job types, allowing you to create new ones and disable older ones that are no longer relevant to your company. You will also have increased visibility of the job types display order so that you can carefully develop the ideal arrangement when choosing job types from the job page.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Job Settings, select Job Types

  3. From the Job Types page, select Add New

  4. Complete the Add New Job Type fields:

    1. Job Type Name: Enter a name for this job type (e.g., residential lock repair, car lock repair, etc.)

    2. Display Order: Enter a number to determine the order in which this job type will appear on your list

    3. Days/Hours/Minutes: Choose the typical amount of time your team will spend on this type of job

    4. Select Save

The Job types settings page will also allow you to disable job types that are no longer relevant to your business. To disable a job type, turn the toggle switch under Status to OFF for the corresponding job type.

Any job types you turn off will be removed from your list of active job types. To view previously disabled job types, select the dropdown menu under Show and choose Disabled.

Adding a new job type from the job page

You can also create a new job type while on the job page itself. You can do this when creating a new job or editing an existing job.

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Job

  2. Under Job Details, select Job Type > Add new

  3. Complete the Add New Job Type fields

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