In this article, you will learn how to set and manage your tax rates in Workiz.

Your service business may operate in multiple cities or counties in your area. That may result in providing services in areas with multiple tax rates, which could complicate the way you do business.

Workiz makes it easy to resolve this potential issue by allowing you to set and manage all the tax rates your business typically encounters, and even setting a default rate for your business to use in jobs and invoices.

Adding a new tax rate

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Job Settings, select Taxes

  3. From the Taxes page, select Add New

  4. Complete the Add new Tax fields:

    1. Name: Enter a name for this tax area

    2. Tax rate %: Enter the tax rate percentage for this tax area

    3. Default tax rate: Choose whether this is your default tax rate

    4. Select Save

Disabling a tax rate

The Taxes page will also allow you to disable tax rates that are no longer relevant to your business. To disable a tax rate, turn the toggle switch under Status to OFF for the corresponding tax rate.

Any tax rates you turn off will be removed from your list of active tax rates. To view previously disabled tax rates, select the dropdown menu under Show and choose Disabled.

Viewing tax rates on jobs and invoices

Your new default tax rate will be applied to all future jobs and invoices you create in Workiz. You can also manually update the tax rate for existing jobs and invoices.

To view the tax rate on jobs and invoices, open a relevant job or invoice.

Under Invoice Items or Job Items on the right side of the page, your Tax % will automatically be set to the default rate you chose on the Taxes page. You can update the tax rate for a particular invoice or job by selecting the dropdown menu next to Tax % and choosing a different rate.

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