Phone porting FAQ

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In this article, you will learn about what to expect while your number is being ported into Workiz. 

When signing up for Workiz Phone, Workiz allows you to bring your existing phone number with you. Here are some of the more common questions relating to phone porting.

  • Bringing your existing phone number to be used with Workiz Phone is the ideal way of seamlessly transitioning your established communication channels and maintaining consistency for your clients. Retaining your existing phone number also eliminates the need for costly updates to your contact information across various platforms, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted communication experience.

  • Porting your phone number into Workiz is free. You may buy additional numbers from Workiz for a fee, but you will not be charged for porting your numbers that you already own.

  • No, despite porting your phone number into Workiz to be used with our phone system, your phone number will remain yours. Porting your phone number from one platform to another simply means you’re changing carriers. You are not transferring ownership.

  • It typically takes up to 3–5 weeks to port the number — the majority of which involves your existing service provider coordinating with our service provider. The porting timeline is often heavily dependent on your existing service provider.

    Service providers with higher volumes or additional restrictions may require additional time to process your porting request.

    In order for your existing provider to update their routing records, it may take an additional 2–3 business days for text messaging capabilities to be activated.

  • No, if all goes according to plan, you should not miss any phone calls during the porting process.

  • To submit a porting request, you will need to provide us with a Letter of Authorization (LOA), copy of your most recent invoice, an account number, a copy of your Customer Service Record (CSR), and a list of the phone numbers you want ported.

    For a more comprehensive breakdown of the requirements, please see this article.

  • Before submitting your request, please review this help article.

    When you’re ready, you can submit a porting request using the following links:

  • Yes, our porting team will contact you with a port date before the process is complete. Our porting team will also provide you with guidance on how to best prepare for your porting date, including:

  • Our porting team will notify you when:

    • Your port date becomes available: This means your phone number is now available to be assigned across your Workiz account, but it will not yet be active in our system. At this point, calls will still be routed through the carrier you’re porting from, but you will be able to assign the number to call flows in our system.
    • Your phone number has been successfully ported: This means your phone number is now active to be used in Workiz. Calls will be routed through the Workiz Phone system.

      Please be aware that the ability to send and receive text messages require an additional 2–3 business days after the port date.

  • Yes, there are several things you need to do after receiving your port date to ensure your phone number doesn't experience any downtime. Once your port date becomes available, your phone number will be available (but not active) on your Workiz account.

    In order to ensure that your phone number doesn’t experience any downtime, it is important that you prepare your account ahead of your port date. This means you will need to:

  • If your port fails, our support team will contact you with steps on how to resolve it.

  • Although porting a cell phone number is technically possible, it is not generally recommended.

    Workiz Phone plans do not include support for data plans (i.e., mobile internet), limiting your phone’s existing capabilities. Additionally, your personal cell phone’s text messages would all be routed through the Workiz Message Center, which may make them visible to members of your team.

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