Porting your existing phone number to Workiz

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In this article, you will learn how to port your existing phone number to Workiz.

When signing up for Workiz, you will receive a free phone number to communicate with your clients using Workiz Phone. But if you have an existing phone number you’d like to use with Workiz Phone instead, you can easily bring that phone number with you.

Porting your personal cell phone number into Workiz is not recommended. Workiz Phone does not include support for data plans (i.e., mobile internet) and your personal text messages would be routed through the Message Center.

Porting timeline

It typically takes up to 4–6 weeks to port the number — the majority of which involves your existing service provider coordinating with our service provider. The porting timeline is often heavily dependent on your existing service provider.

Service providers with higher volumes or additional restrictions may require additional time to process your porting request.

In order for your existing provider to update their routing records, it may take an additional 2–3 business days for text messaging capabilities to be activated.

But don’t worry, there’s no downtime for your existing business number. Your existing number will continue to work throughout the entire process.

How to port your existing phone number

To port your existing number(s) into Workiz, please select one of the following links:

Your number(s) must remain in service throughout the duration of the porting process. Once your porting date has passed, you may contact your previous service provider to ensure the number(s) have been removed from your account.

Please see the following section for help with submitting your porting request.

Porting requirements

Information Required/optional Notes
Letter of Authorization (LOA) Required

Must be signed by the authorized user and/or owner of the number(s). The information on the LOA must match that of the authorized user and service address provided by your current service provider.

You can submit an LOA using the following links:

Copy of most recent invoice Required

A scanned or electronic copy of your most recent phone bill (within the last 30 days) that includes:

  • The name of the account owner/authorized user
  • Address information for the number(s) you want to port
PIN May be required

May be required by your current service provider.

Account number Required*

Required for all Canadian numbers. May be required for numbers in the US.

Copy of Customer Service Record (CSR) Recommended

To obtain a CSR, you will need to contact your current service provider. You may need to specifically ask for your service provider’s porting team.

Please specify that you want the CSR on file with the service provider — not merely your billing records. While billing records and CSRs may often have similar information, it is not always the case.

List of numbers to be ported Optional If you are porting more than four numbers, please attach a CSV or PDF file that contains a list of all numbers to be ported.

What to expect after submitting your porting request

As noted, it will take about 4–6 weeks for your porting request to be processed.

Our porting team will contact you with a port date before the process is complete.

How to prepare for your port date

Once you are provided with a port date, the number(s) will appear — but not be active — on your Workiz account. You can use this opportunity to prepare your number(s) for calls and text messages:

Your call flow(s) will not be active until the port date.

Preparing your phone number for calls and text messages is simply designed to ensure you do not miss any calls or text messages once the number(s) are officially ported over on the port date. Your phone number(s) will continue to function through your current service provider until the port date.

Potential issues


Porting requests may be rejected for a variety of reasons, such as an incorrect PIN, mismatching zip code, or a request submitted by an unauthorized user.

If the rejection is issued directly by your current service provider, our porting team will contact you to notify you of the rejection with guidance on how to resolve the issue. You may need to contact your current service provider for further information.

A rejection is typically issued sooner than the processing timeline of 4–6 weeks. Depending on the service provider, we may be notified of a rejection within a week of submitting your request.

Porting is a time-sensitive process, making it important that you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Failing to provide further information will likely result in a cancellation of your porting request.


When all goes according to plan, porting your number(s) from your current service provider to Workiz will result in no downtime for your number. This requires your current provider to notify us of an expected port date when it becomes available, which we can then pass along to you so that you may prepare your Workiz account.

But on rare occasions, your current service provider may transfer the number(s) without first notifying our porting team. This means that your number will technically be active on your Workiz account, but not configured properly for calls or texts.

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