How subcontractors can send online payment requests

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The ability to allow subcontractors to send online payment requests is only available to users who are part of the beta program.

To join the beta, please contact

In this article, you will learn how to enable your subcontractors to send payment requests online using Workiz Pay. 

In Workiz, you can create a team made up of users and subcontractors. Subcontractors are limited in what they can do. They will not receive access to your Workiz account. Instead, you will only be able to assign jobs and send messages to your subcontractors.

Because subcontractors do not have access to your Workiz account, they will not be able to collect card payments directly on their device using a card reader or Tap to Pay. They may, however, send online payment requests for your clients to submit payment using the Workiz client portal.

Enabling payment requests for subcontractors

In order to allow subcontractors to send online payment requests, you will need to:

    1. Enable the Subcontractors add-on
    2. Sign up for Workiz Pay
    3. Enable job closing for your job links
    4. Set up a way to send job links

Sending online payment requests as a subcontractor

After your subcontractor confirms the job from the link provided in your message, the webpage will present them with the ability to send your clients a link to make a payment online. 

Group 4702sub-wpay.png

Your subcontractors will be able to send online payment requests for an invoice if you:

      • Are part of the beta program
      • Have added line items to the job

        If you have not created an invoice for the job, one will automatically be generated as soon as your subcontractor sends the request. Please be aware that an invoice will not be generated if you haven’t added job items.

Your clients will receive an email with a link to the client portal, where they will be able to pay for the invoice using any of the supported payment methods on your account (e.g., credit card, ACH, Sunbit).

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