Allowing subcontractors to collect payments and close jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to allow your team’s subcontractors to collect payments and close jobs.

In Workiz, you can create a team made up of users and subcontractors. Subcontractors are limited in what they can do. They will not receive access to your Workiz account. Instead, you will only be able to assign jobs and send messages to your subcontractors.

When assigned to jobs, subcontractors will also have the option to log offline payments and close jobs so the status is updated to “done pending approval.” 

In order to add subcontractors to your team, you will need to enable the feature from the Feature Center/Marketplace.

To learn more about how to enable the Subcontractors feature, please see this article.

Enabling job closing and offline payments

  1. From the navigation bar, select the profile/gear icon > Settings
  2. Under Calls & Texts, select Text messages
  3. Under Job text message template, turn the toggle switch for Enable job closing ON
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  4. Select Save settings

Providing subcontractors with a job link

Because subcontractors cannot access your Workiz account, you will need to provide them with a link that gives them access to confirm the job, add or collect payment, and close the job.

This link can be shared automatically or manually.

Workiz Automations (recommended)

With Workiz Automations, you can send automated text messages whenever certain conditions are met, such as when a job is created, one day before a job schedule, two hours before the job schedule, and more. 

When creating your automation rule, you need to ensure the message includes a tech confirmation link found in the shortcode menu ({...} tech_confirm_link).

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In the example above, your subcontractor will receive a text message two hours before the job’s schedule date.

Workiz has a pre-built rule template designed to remind your techs (and subcontractors) about job assignments two hours prior to the job schedule. The template message provided already includes a confirmation link. 

Job text message template

Workiz also allows you to send those text messages manually using the job text message template. Like the automation rule described above, you will need to make sure to include the tech confirmation link in your message.

The job text message template can be sent from various places across the web and mobile app, including the job page. 

How subcontractors can collect payments and close jobs

After enabling the correct settings and preparing your automation rule and/or job text template, you can start sending job information to your subcontractors. 

Once they open the link to confirm the job, the webpage will present them with the ability to perform various actions, including:

  • Logging an offline payment
  • Closing the job

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