Changing a client's billing address

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In this article, you will learn how to update a client’s billing address in Workiz.

When creating a new client in Workiz, you will only be asked to enter one address for your client. By default, that address will be used as the main service address and the billing address.

If your client’s main service address is different from their billing address, you can update that information in just a few steps.

How to update a client’s billing address

  1. Open the profile of the client whose billing address you want to update
  2. Under Client address, select the field under Bill to
    Group 4418billing.png
  3. Select the dropdown menu under Client properties > Add new property 
  4. Create the address and select Save
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Adding billing and service addresses to your estimates and invoices

Once you update the address information, you may want to review the document templates for your estimates and invoices to ensure they have been configured correctly so that they are generated to automatically include both addresses.

To learn more about ensuring that your documents have been configured correctly, please see this article.

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