In this article, you will learn how to ensure your estimates and invoices are generated to include both the billing and service address linked to your clients.

When creating a new client in Workiz, you will only be asked to enter one address for your client. By default, that address will be used as the main service address and the billing address.

If your client’s main service address is different from their billing address, you can update that information in just a few steps. To learn more about updating this information, please see this article.

After updating your client's address information, you will also want to make sure the document templates for your estimates and invoices have been configured correctly so that they are generated to automatically include both of these addresses.

How to add a billing and service address to your document templates

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under General settings, select Documents

  3. Open the document template you want to update

  4. Ensure both short codes are included on your document:

    1. Billing address: {{client.clientBillingAddress}}

    2. Service address: {{client.addressOnly}} OR {{job.jobAddress}}

      IMPORTANT: Using the {{job.JobAddress}} short code will only populate a service address when the estimate or invoice is linked to a job. If the document is being generated for a standalone invoice or estimate, {{job.JobAddress}} will not generate a service address and leave this section blank.

      Instead, if you regularly create standalone estimates and invoices, we recommend that you use the {{client.addressOnly}} short code. This option will always generate a service address regardless.

      The {{job.JobAddress}} short code is often the default option for many of the design templates provided. Please ensure you make the necessary changes that best suit your business practices.

      To replace the short code in your document, select a section in your document to activate the mini toolbar. From the toolbar, select Insert values > Client values > Client address only.

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