Adding multiple properties for one client

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In this article, you will learn how to add multiple properties for a single client.

When creating new clients in Workiz, you’ll be asked to provide a single address that will initially serve as both the billing and service address. You can also easily add multiple properties under a single client — keeping all of your client information stored in one place.

To learn more about changing a client's billing address, please see this article.

How to add client properties

  1. Open the profile of the client you want to add properties for
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. From the client profile page, select Add new
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  4. Enter a property name and address information
  5. Select Save
  6. Repeat Steps 3–5 for all of the remaining properties

Selecting a property when creating a new job

When creating a new job for a client with multiple properties on file, Workiz will automatically ask you to choose the specific property to use as a service address before proceeding.

Updating your client's address on estimates and invoices

The addresses you see on client estimates and invoices will depend on how you have set up your document templates. By default, both templates will include your client's billing address and the service address.

A service address will only be generated when the document is linked to a job. The service address section will be blank when creating standalone estimates and invoices. 

To change the billing address under the "Prepared for" section on your documents (e.g., {{client.clientAddress}}), you must change the billing address for your client at the client level from their profile page. To change the service address under the "Service location" section on your documents (e.g., {{job.jobAddress}}), you must change the service address at the relevant job level. 



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