How to make and answer calls using Workiz Phone on desktop

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In this article, you will learn how to handle calls using Workiz Phone on desktop.

Workiz isn’t just the best scheduling and managing solution for service pros, it also has a built-in, one-of-a-kind phone system designed for service businesses like yours: Workiz Phone. With Workiz Phone, you can answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls with just one click. To learn more about the many benefits of using Workiz Phone, please see this article.

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Opening the Workiz dialer

To use Workiz Phone, you will first need to open the dialer or standalone desktop app. Without opening the dialer, all incoming calls will automatically be sent to voicemail.

To open the dialer, select the phone icon () from the navigation bar.

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The Workiz dialer or desktop app (if installed) will open as a separate, smaller window on your computer.

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If you have multiple Workiz Phone numbers, you can choose the number you want to dial from by selecting the dropdown menu next to the headset icon ( ).

Making outgoing calls

Workiz makes it easy to call your clients no matter where you are. With Workiz Phone, you will be able to make calls directly from the dialer, as well as a handful of locations within the Workiz web app.

Calling from the dialer

History tab

You can review all of the incoming and outgoing calls that were made to your Workiz Phone from the History tab.

For calls made to and from existing clients in your Workiz contact list, you can select the client’s name to access their client profile.

You can also select their phone number to initiate a call directly from the dialer.

Contacts tab

The Contacts tab provides you with your list of contacts. You can find clients using the search bar at the top of the window or find them alphabetically. You can select a client to initiate a call from the dialer.

Keypad tab

The Keypad tab functions like most conventional keypads, except Workiz also provides you with the ability to search for a client by name. Select Call phone or contact and type a client’s phone number or name to initiate a phone call.

Calling from the web app

While the dialer is going to offer a more robust calling experience for you and your team, Workiz also makes it possible to make quick phone calls from several locations throughout the platform.

Answering incoming calls

Answering calls on the dialer and desktop app

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Similar to the experience on the Workiz web app, incoming calls will be shown on the dialer. 

Workiz dialer capabilities

After answering the call, the dialer will present you with a handful of familiar features, as well as some capabilities unique to Workiz Phone. During calls, you will be able to create jobs and leads directly from the call.

To create a job or lead from the dialer, select the plus icon ( ) and choose Job or Lead as desired.

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When creating a job or lead from a Workiz Phone call with an existing client, Workiz will automatically populate key details such as the client's name, contact information, and service address.

When transferring calls or adding other members of your team to the call, Workiz will provide you with a list of your team members, allowing you to contact them via their phone number or Workiz Phone number.

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