With Workiz you can manage all of your jobs and calls from one platform.

Answer all incoming calls, reduce job cancellations, and optimize your ad spend.

All of your calls are automatically recorded and saved under the relevant job or client page.

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Here's What You Get with Workiz Service Phone:

1. Never Miss a Call with Workiz Integrated Service Phone

  • Build Your Own Professional Call Flow - Provide your customers with a professional phone greeting and decide where your calls go with Workiz call forwarding. You can direct calls to as many phone numbers as you’d like. Click here to try it out.

  • Line Up Your Calls with Call Queuing - See all incoming calls in an ordered “queue” (line) and make sure that they are answered quickly and efficiently. It's the best way to ensure that that you don't miss a call or a potential job! Click here to find out more.

  • Gain More Control With Call Recordings - By recording calls, you can improve your customer service and avoid ‘he said, she said’ situations. All calls will be automatically saved under the relevant job and client, so your entire communication will be organized in one place.

  • Track and Manage All of Your Calls - View all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from your Workiz call dashboard. Best of all, you can filter everything by status, duration, and more.

2. Save Your Dispatcher’s Time by Avoiding Multiple Platforms

  • Call Directly from a Job with Workiz Dialer - You can call clients in one click, right from the relevant job or client page. This means that your dispatchers don't need to waste time dialing every number from scratch.

  • Get and Send Automatic Text Message Appointment Reminders - Let’s face it. It’s 2020 and you shouldn't have to do everything manually. With Workiz, you can send auto-appointment reminders with various requests. Whether you want to confirm an appointment or request an instant payment, these messages can be customized and sent automatically, right from your Workiz number. Clients can easily reply to you by text message or just call you back. Click here to customize your auto-messages.

  • Handle All Incoming Calls with Smart Transferring and Conferencing -
    Easily transfer clients to the right person (manager, techs, etc.) or add the right person to the call with Call Transfering and Call Conferencing.
    How does it work? While on a call, the dispatcher can simply press on the ‘transfer call’ and ‘add to call’ buttons.

  • Save Time with Workiz Voicemail to Text - Every time a user leaves a voicemail, Workiz will convert the voicemail to a text message and you can add it as a new job in one simple click.

3. Ensure Your Techs are Giving Great Customer Service in the Field

  • Keep Your Clients' Numbers Private With Call Masking - Keep your clients' and technicians' phone numbers hidden from each other to ensure better customer service. Click here to learn more about Call Masking.

  • Prevent Your Jobs from Getting Cancelled by Recording the Calls Between Your Techs and Clients - It only takes one 'bad call' to lose a job and thousands of dollars each month ($$$).

4. Optimize Your Marketing Budget

  • Understand What Ads Are Driving the Most Calls with Ad Tracking - Get a tracking number for each dedicated marketing channel that you use (for example - Yelp, Facebook, Google Ads, or any offline marketing channel that you use to market your business). See what advertising channels bring the most calls, leads, and revenue to justify their expense. When you understand what’s working and what’s not - you can double down on the ads that bring money and cut the ones that aren't. Click here to get started.

  •  Use Call Whispering to Know Where Every Call is Coming From - Before a call is connected with a client you can get a 'heads up' message (for example - “This call came from Yelp”), so you’ll know what lead source your client came from.

Workiz Service Phone plans:

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