Managing calls in Workiz

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In this article, you will learn how to manage calls from in Workiz.

Workiz isn’t just the best scheduling and managing solution for service pros, it also has a built-in, one-of-a-kind phone system designed for service businesses like yours: Workiz Phone. With Workiz Phone, you can answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls with just one click.

Workiz Phone comes packed with features designed to take your service business to the next level. To learn more about the many benefits of using Workiz Phone, please see this article.

Managing calls in Workiz is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Seeing your call history

The Calls page will provide you with several easy-to-use features to make sure you don’t let any missed calls fall through the cracks without a response.

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The dashboard widgets on the Calls page give you a glimpse of the following:

  • Total calls
  • Total callers
  • Total missed calls
  • Total active calls
  • Average call duration

You can adjust the results to only display calls that took place during a certain period of time using the timeline filter.

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Filter capabilities

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The Calls page also provides the capability to filter your results based on certain criteria such as the associated:

  • Call flow
  • Ad group
  • Call status
  • Call duration
  • Answered by
  • Job status

Accessing voicemail

When filtering by Status, you can view all of the calls that resulted in a voicemail message.

To listen to the voicemail, select the voicemail icon and press play from the pop-up sidebar.

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Viewing missed calls that a response

The filter tool also allows you to only display missed calls that have yet to receive a response.

Calls displayed using this filter will feature quick actions, allowing you to easily call the client back or remove it from the list of calls that need responses.

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Managing your call queue

While you can manage your call queue from the Workiz dialer, you can also manage it from the calls page.

In order to use a call queue, you will need to create one using call flows. To learn more about creating a call queue, please see this article.

You will be notified of incoming calls by both an audible ringtone and a pop-up notification on the top-right side of your Workiz window.

You will also receive a notification for the calls in your call queue inside the sidebar menu on the left under Calls.

Opening the Calls page will give you a better look at the phone numbers sitting in your queue. Calls sitting in your queue will have a green circle under Status, and will also have a Connect option under the phone number.

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