Booking new jobs directly from calls on Workiz Phone

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In this article, you will learn how to create new jobs, leads, and clients directly from active phone calls using Workiz Phone.

How to create new jobs, leads, and clients from calls

  1. From an active phone call on the Workiz dialer, select the plus icon ( ) > Job (or Lead/Client)
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  2. Enter the job details and select Submit
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Workiz will automatically populate the form with all of the preexisting information you have linked to this phone number (e.g., client name, service address, etc.). If this is a new client, Workiz will only prepopulate the phone number field.

With call tracking set up, Workiz will also prepopulate the job source. All of the revenue generated from this job will automatically be linked to the correct ad source, providing you with a clear idea of how your ads are performing.

To learn more about call tracking, please see this article.

The call and the recording will also be stored within:

  • The job timeline
  • The client’s profile page

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