Working with subcontractors

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In this article, you will learn how to work with subcontractors in Workiz.

In Workiz, you can create a team made up of users and subcontractors. You can add subcontractors to your team, making it easy to assign jobs without having to grant them access to your Workiz account

Enabling Subcontractors add-on

In order to add subcontractors to your team, you will need to enable the add-on from the Marketplace.

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Marketplace

    Not seeing the Marketplace icon in the navigation bar? You may not have the correct permissions set for your user.

    Please contact your account admin and ask them to turn on the Account Settings permission for your user type from the Roles & Permissions settings page.

  2. Under Add-ons, select Subcontractors
  3. Turn the toggle switch on/off to enable/disable the add-on

Adding a subcontractor to your team

After enabling the add-on, you can easily add a new subcontractor to your team using the same methods you use to add new users.

To learn more about how to add a new subcontractor, please see this article.

Updating a subcontractor’s profile

Before you can begin assigning jobs to a subcontractor, you will need to update their profile page to assign them as a field tech. You can also update their service areas and skills to assist your

  1. Open the subcontractor’s profile page
  2. Under User options, select Field tech > Yes
  3. Under User options, select the field for Service areas and choose all of the service areas this team member performs jobs in
  4. Under User options, select the field for User skills and choose all of the skills this team member has

Sending job details to a subcontractor

Subcontractors will not have access to your Workiz account. After assigning them to a job, you will need to notify the subcontractor of the new assignment via text and/or email message.

Notifying a subcontractor of a new job can be done in one of two ways:

  • Manually sending the job details from the job page
  • Automatically sending a message using Workiz Automations

Manually sending job details

From the job page, under Team, select Send and choose how you want to send the job details.

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This will provide your subcontractor with a template message that includes information such as the job ID, client name, contact information, service address, and a link to confirm their decision to accept the job.

You can customize the template message you send for jobs from the Text messages settings page.

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To learn more about how to edit the template message for jobs, please see this article.

Using Workiz Automations

You can use Workiz Automations to create an automation rule that automatically notifies your assigned field techs (including subcontractors) of an assigned job.

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To learn more about creating a Workiz Automation rule, please see this article.

Enabling offline payments and job closing

If you are including a confirmation link in the job message you are sending to subcontractors, you can enable Job closing from the Text messages settings page to allow your subcontractor to collect offline payments and close the job using the same link.

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