Understanding and using short code in Workiz

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In this article, you will learn about short code and how it is used to intelligently generate text for documents and messages in Workiz.

What is short code?

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Short code is placeholder text that allows Workiz to intelligently generate text within documents and messages you send to your team and clients.

When creating a template, short code is displayed as text surrounded by curly brackets (e.g., #{{example.text}}). It is only designed to be a placeholder. The documents and messages you generate and send to your team and clients will not feature any curly brackets. The information for the short code is automatically pulled from the information you already have stored in your Workiz account.

Here are some examples of the short code placeholders you would add to your documents and messages and what they represent:

  • {{client.fullName}} = Your client’s full name
  • {{client.email}} = Your client’s email address
  • {{account.myCompanyName}} = Your company’s name

Where to use short code

Job text message templates

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Workiz provides you with templates for three different types of messages you can send depending on the job-related scenario:

  • Job info
  • On the way
  • Running late

Each message can be customized to include short code. To learn more about how to customize these messages, please see this article.

Document templates

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Workiz allows you to create custom documents and customize templates for estimates, invoices, and work orders. Your documents can include short code to generate the documents intelligently based on the relevant client or job information.

You can also include short code options for your job or client custom fields.

To learn more about creating custom documents in Workiz, please see this article.

Workiz Automations

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With Workiz Automations, you can send automatic notifications to clients and team members based on certain conditions you define.

The notifications can be customized to include short code. To learn more about creating a custom automation rule, please see this article.

Quick replies

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The Message Center was designed to streamline your workflow and save you time. Quick replies allow you to create templates for the messages you send on a regular basis.

Quick replies can be built using standard text and short code, enabling you to create placeholders for information like a client’s name, or your booking link.

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