Customizing your Workiz dashboard

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In this article, you will learn how to customize your Workiz dashboard to hide the widgets you don’t want to see.

In Workiz, your dashboard will come equipped with more than a dozen widgets designed to provide you with valuable insights into the state of your business. From the revenue generated over a certain day to the latest calls your company has received, the dashboard allows you to track your entire business at a glance.

Removing widgets from your dashboard

  1. From the dashboard, select the gear icon ( ) Group 4678customdash.png
  2. Uncheck the boxes for the widgets you want to hide
    image 607customdash.png

Any widgets you remove from your dashboard will also be removed from the dashboards of other users on your account.

You may also restrict access to certain dashboard widgets by role. To learn more about how to restrict access to dashboard widgets, please see this article.

Reorganizing your widgets

  1. Click and hold the drag icon ( ) and drag the widget to your desired placement
    Group 4679.png


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