How to merge duplicate clients

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In this article, you will learn how to merge duplicate clients in Workiz.

Workiz helps prevent you from mistakenly creating duplicate clients when adding new jobs, automatically searching for an existing client with the same name, phone number, or email address. But Workiz will not stop you from creating multiple clients with the same name, whether done intentionally or mistakenly.

Duplicate clients can lead to potential issues, particularly when syncing Workiz to QuickBooks. When syncing an invoice from Workiz to QuickBooks, QuickBooks requires a client to be associated with that invoice. But because QuickBooks does not allow for duplicate clients to exist, QuickBooks will reject the duplicate client and prevent any associated invoice from syncing.

Workiz can help resolve this issue in two ways:

  1. Resolving future client conflicts by automatically adding a differentiator to clients who share the same name (e.g., John Smith, John Smith - 2), ultimately allowing invoices to be synced. This is typically used to differentiate between two clients who happen to share the same name.
  2. Merging clients in Workiz. This is designed to help you organize your data by merging the data across duplicate clients who happen to be the same person.

Here, we will cover how to merge clients — a great option to ensure all of your data is organized. Merging clients will allow you to retain all of the historical data linked to these customers, such as jobs, estimates, invoices, calls, and more.

What to expect when merging clients

What will be merged What will not be merged
  • Jobs
  • Leads
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Payments
  • Calls 
  • Messages
  • Properties
  • Service plans
  • Cards on file
  • Phone numbers
  • Parent/sub-client relationships

Please make note of all of the information that will not be merged so that you may manually log it after merging.

Merging clients in Workiz

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Clients
  2. Check the boxes for all of the clients you want to merge and select the Merge clients icon
  3. Choose the target client that you want to keep and select Next
    Group 4779merge3.png

    The remaining clients selected will be merged with the target client and removed from your account.

    Merging clients in Workiz is permanent and cannot be undone.

Once clients have been merged in Workiz, the target client will automatically receive a badge next to their name so that you can easily keep track of which clients have been merged.

Group 4414.png

Merging clients in QuickBooks Online

After merging your clients in Workiz, you will need to do the same in QuickBooks. Failing to merge clients in QuickBooks may cause data discrepancies that lead to problems when closing your books.

  1. From your QuickBooks Online account, select Customers & leads > Customers
  2. Open the profile for the customer you want to merge
  3. Select the down arrow next to Edit > Merge contacts
    Group 4417.png
  4. Merge your contacts
    image 423.png
    1. Merge contacts from: Choose the client that you want to remove and merge into another client
    2. Into: Choose the target client that want to keep and merge into

All of the transactions from the first client will be merged into the second, target client. The first client will be deleted from your list of customers.

After merging your clients in QuickBooks, Workiz will continue to sync without issue.

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