In this article, you will learn how to configure your QuickBooks Online integration in Workiz.

After connecting your Workiz account to your QuickBooks Online account and completing the initial sync, you will be provided with a settings page in Workiz where you can configure your integration.

To access the QuickBooks Online settings page:

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Integrations, select QuickBooks integration

  3. From the QuickBooks integration page, select the Settings tab

    Note: This settings page is only available for QuickBooks Online integrations. Those using QuickBooks Desktop will not see the option for a settings page.

QuickBooks Online integration settings

Workiz provides you with several settings you can enable to configure your QuickBooks Online integration to meet your business’s needs.

IMPORTANT: Enabling any one of the settings below will only apply to future resources in Workiz (e.g., future invoices, clients, payments, etc.)

  • Automatically sync invoices once they are paid in full

    Designed to save you time and effort, this setting allows Workiz to automatically sync your Workiz invoices to QuickBooks Online once the invoice has been paid in full.

    Workiz also provides the option to sync your invoices manually. If you prefer to sync your invoices manually, keep this setting unchecked. To learn more about manually syncing invoices in Workiz, please see this article.

  • Automatically resolve future client conflicts

    Designed to prevent common errors while syncing Workiz to QuickBooks, this setting automatically resolves for clients who share the same name on your Workiz account.

    QuickBooks does not allow for duplicate clients to exist, requiring you to differentiate between two clients with the same name.

    When syncing an invoice from Workiz to QuickBooks, QuickBooks requires a client to be associated with that invoice. But because QuickBooks does not allow for duplicate clients to exist, QuickBooks will reject the duplicate client and prevent any associated invoice from syncing.

    This setting will resolve this potential issue by automatically adding a differentiator to clients who share the same name (e.g., John Soto, John Soto - 2), ultimately allowing invoices to be synced.

    You may also leave this setting unchecked and manually resolve duplicate clients.

  • Automatically sync all payments

    Designed to integrate all of the different ways in which your field service business collects money using Workiz, this setting allows you to automatically sync all Workiz payments with QuickBooks.

    Whether you collect a deposit on an estimate, or a payment made directly to a job or invoice in Workiz, this setting will automatically sync it to the right job in QuickBooks.

    Note: If you collect a deposit for an estimate related to a job that will take place in the future, that payment will have a status of Unapplied in QuickBooks until the job takes place. Once the job is completed, the deposit payment will be synced to the job, with the status changing from Unapplied to Closed.

    To learn more about this setting, please see this article.

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