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In this article, you will learn about how to add and manage service plans using the Workiz mobile app.

Service Plans is a great tool for creating and managing recurring visits for general services or maintenance. With Service Plans, you can easily create service plan templates and subscribe your clients to those plans — not only allowing you to account for recurring work, but also ensure you are automatically getting paid on time.

In order to enroll clients in service plans in Workiz, you will first need to enable the feature and create plan templates on the web app. To learn more about enabling the feature or creating a template, please see the following articles:

Enrolling clients in service plans

From a job

  1. Open the job you want to add a service plan from
  2. Select Add service plan
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  3. Add your service plan:
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    1. Property address: Choose the service address this plan applies to
    2. Service plan: Choose the service plan you want to enroll this client in
    3. Billing option: Choose how frequently you want to bill this client
    4. (Optional) Discount %: Modify the percentage you want to discount, if desired
    5. Member discount: Decide if you want to apply a member discount for all future line items on jobs, estimates, and invoices
    6. Planned dates

      Workiz allows you to create a retroactive start date of up to three months for service plans.

      Please be aware that using a retroactive start date may trigger immediate billing for all accumulated cycles based on the plan schedule. To learn more about how retroactive start dates affect the experience, please see this section.

    7. Automatically renewed: Decide whether you want this plan to renew automatically and adjust the toggle switch accordingly
    8. Attachments: Attach any files you want to include for this service plan (e.g., service terms, scope of work, before images, etc.)
    9. Collect payment: Choose how you want to collect payment for this plan:
      • Send payment request: Send your clients a link to the client portal to review and pay for their plan offer online using Workiz Pay
      • Enter payment manually: Accept the plan on behalf of your client and manually enter the payment
    10. Select Continue

From a client profile page

Alternatively, you can also enroll a client in a service plan right from their profile page on the mobile app.

  1. Open the client profile you want to add a service plan from
  2. Select the dots icon ( ) > Add service plan
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  3. Add your service plan

Managing a client’s service plan subscription

  1. Open the profile of the client subscribed to a service plan
  2. Select Service plans
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  3. Select the service plan you want to view or update

After opening the service plan subscription on the mobile app, you’ll be able to send it to your client or cancel the plan.

Managing all of your business’s service plan subscriptions

Workiz makes it easy to manage all of your business’s service plan subscriptions on the web app — providing you with information such as the plan price, start date, next visit date, and the team member who sold the plan.

To learn more about how to manage your service plans, please see this article.

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