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How to create a service plan template
How to create a service plan template

Learn how to easily create service plan templates that you can offer to your clients.

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In this article, you will learn how to create service plan templates.

Service Plans is a great tool for to creating and managing recurring visits for general services or maintenance. With Service Plans, you can easily create service plan templates and subscribe your clients to those plans — not only allowing you to account for recurring work, but also ensure you are automatically getting paid on time.

Creating service plan templates

Note: In order to create service plan templates, you will first need to enable the Service Plans add-on.

To learn more about enabling this feature, please see this article.

  1. From navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under General settings, select Service Plans Manager

  3. Select Create new plan

  4. Complete the Create new plan fields:

    1. Plan name: Enter a name for this plan template

    2. Plan description: Enter a description for this plan template

    3. Service period: Choose the duration for this plan template

    4. Renew automatically: Decide whether you want this plan to renew automatically and adjust the toggle switch accordingly

    5. Visits within service period: Choose the number of visits for this plan template

    6. Job type: Choose the job type that should be assigned to jobs created from this plan template

    7. Plan price: Enter the price for this plan template

    8. Billing option: Choose how often you want to receive payment for this plan template

    9. (Optional) Discount %: Enter the percentage you want to discount for specific billing options (e.g., 20% for annual, 10% for quarterly, etc.)

    10. Taxable: Decide if your service plans are taxable and check the box accordingly. If your plans are taxable, you also need to select a tax rate.

    11. Select Create plan

Editing existing plan templates

The Service Plans Manager also makes it easy to edit, duplicate, or archive your existing templates.

Note: Archiving a plan will only prevent you from subscribing future clients to this plan. Any clients already subscribed to this plan will remain subscribed until their plan expires.

Subscribing clients to service plans

After creating a service plan template, you will be able to subscribe your clients to these plans. To learn more about subscribing your clients to service plans, please see this article.

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