Dispute evidence best practices

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In this article, you will learn about some of the best practices to consider when submitting evidence as part of your dispute response.

Workiz can only provide you with the tools to submit evidence and has no way to impact this judgment call. We also won’t have any insight to explain how the card issuer reached its decision.

Once the card issuer reaches a decision, that outcome is final. We will notify you once a decision has been made.

Evidence categories

Customer communications

Take screenshots of the text messages or emails you exchanged with your customer. All of these communications may be found in your

Message Center. If possible, these communications should showcase that they were aware of the service appointment and were satisfied with the end result. Be sure to crop these screenshots to only include the relevant communications.

  • Open the client's profile and select the message icon under their contact information.

    You may also open the Message Center and find the conversation thread for this client.

Customer signatures

Gather signatures your customer provided at various points throughout the process, such as signing for an estimate or invoice.

  • Open the client's profile page and select the Invoices and Estimates tabs to view and download the related documents they signed.


Take a screenshot of the receipt you sent to your client using Workiz. Receipts will automatically be sent to clients who a) paid using a credit card, and b) have an email address on file.

Please note that Workiz will only have sent a receipt to client's with an email address on file. Clients who were created with only a phone number on file will not receive receipts.

  • Group 4751options.png

      1. Open the job related to the dispute
      2. Select the Payments tab
      3. Next to the payment you want to send a receipt for, select the receipt icon
      4. Edit the email address to send it to yourself and select Send
      1. Open the estimate or invoice related to the dispute
      2. Scroll down to the Deposits (estimates) or Payments (invoice) section
      3. Next to the payment you want to send a receipt for, select the receipt icon
      4. Edit the email address to send it to yourself and select Send

Service documentation

Provide before and after photos, and any other visual proof supporting that the relevant service was completed.

  • Open the client's profile page and select the Invoices and Estimates tabs to view and download the related documents you provided, including any before and after photos you may have provided.

    Be sure that these documents include key information such as your terms of service and/or refund policy.

Evidence guidelines


  • Only PDF, JPEG, or PNG file types are accepted
  • The combined file size cannot be more than 4.5 MB
  • The combined page count must be fewer than 50 pages

Documents and images

  • All font should be 12 point or larger
  • Make sure that documents are US Letter or A4 size, in portrait orientation (you can still add screenshots to your documents in landscape orientation)
  • Use annotations (bold text, callouts, or arrows) to draw attention to important information
  • Avoid using color highlighting


  • Crop screenshots to the area of interest and circle any key components (e.g., delivery confirmation or signature)

External content

The following evidence will not be reviewed by the card issuer:

  • Audio or video files (e.g., call recordings)
  • Links to third-party websites
  • File downloads
  • Requests to contact for more information

Creating a strong description

Prior to uploading evidence, you will be asked to provide a description of the product or service. Providing a high-quality description can help strengthen your case and provide clarity to the situation. By including relevant details, you establish a strong foundation for supporting your arguments and defending your case.

For help with writing your description, consider using a free online tool such as ChatGPT.

Enter the following prompt to get things started:

As a merchant, I need to provide a short description of a service to a card issuer as part of my response to a customer dispute. Please help me refine my draft. The key points to include are:

[Your description/notes]

ChatGPT will generate a response based on your prompt within seconds. ChatGPT may occasionally take some creative liberties to generate a response. It is important to carefully review the generated text for factual accuracy and revise as needed.

Combining multiple files for evidence submission

The Workiz Pay dispute portal can only accept one file per file category. This may pose a problem if you have multiple screenshots or documents that fall into a single category.

Here, you will learn how to combine multiple images or documents into a single file so that you may upload more evidence for your dispute response.

This section will require you to have a Gmail account with access to Google Docs. Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.

  1. Gather your evidence by capturing screenshots or downloading documents from Workiz
  2. Open Google Docs
  3. Under Start a new document, select Blank
  4. In the upper-left corner, select Untitled document and enter a name for thos document (e.g., Dispute evidence screenshots)
  5. Copy and paste your relevant images onto the document

    If you are combining multiple documents (e.g., estimates, invoices), those files will be downloaded from Wokriz as PDF documents. You will need to convert those PDF documents into PNG or JPG images before you can paste them onto a document.

    To convert those files, please use your web browser to search for a free online conversion tool of your choice.

  1. Resize the images as needed
  2. In the upper-left corner, select FileDownloadPDF Document (.pdf)

The file will appear in your designated downloads folder or location. You can now upload this single file onto the appropriate evidence category in the Workiz Pay dispute portal.

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