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How to send payment receipts
How to send payment receipts
Learn how to send your clients receipts when collecting payments in Workiz.
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In this article, you will learn how to provide your clients with payment receipts in Workiz.

When collecting payments using Workiz Pay, Workiz automatically sends your client a receipt. For other payment types β€” such as cash, check, or credit offline β€” Workiz gives you the option to send your client a receipt via email.

Workiz also gives you the ability to manually send your clients a receipt after the payment has already been collected.

Sending receipt when collecting payment

Note: Sending a receipt during the process of adding an offline payment can only be done from the job page. To send a receipt for payments made to estimates or invoices, please see the next section.

  1. Open the job you want to send a payment receipt for

  2. Select the Payments tab

  3. Select Add payment and choose the payment type

  4. Select Email client a receipt

  5. Select Add payment

Sending receipt after payment was collected

  1. Open the job, estimate, or invoice that you previously collected a payment for

  2. Follow the step that corresponds with what you opened in Step 1

    1. Job: Select the Payments tab

    2. Estimate or invoice: Scroll down the the Deposits (estimate) or Payments (invoice) section

  3. Next to the payment you want to send a receipt for, select the receipt icon

  4. Verify the email address and select Send

Your clients will receive an email from your business, with a subject line of Your payment with [business name].

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