In this article, you will learn how to provide your clients with payment receipts in Workiz.

When collecting payments using Workiz Pay, Workiz automatically sends your client a receipt. For other payment types — such as cash, check, or credit offline — Workiz gives you the option to send your client a receipt via email.

Workiz also gives you the ability to manually send your clients a receipt after the payment has already been collected.

Sending receipt when collecting payment

Note: Sending a receipt during the process of adding a payment for non-credit card transactions can only be done from the job page. To send a receipt for payments made to estimates or invoices, please see the next section.

  1. Open the job you want to send a payment receipt for

  2. Select the Payments tab

  3. Select Add payment and choose the payment type

  4. Select Email client a receipt

    Note 1: This option will only appear if you have an email address associated with the client for this job.

    Note 2: Because Workiz automatically sends your clients a receipt when you collect credit card payments using Workiz Pay, this option will not be present when selecting credit charge as the payment type.

  5. Select Add payment

Sending receipt after payment was collected

  1. Open the job, estimate, or invoice that you previously collected a payment for

  2. Under Payments (or Deposits), select the receipt icon next to the payment you want to send a receipt for

    Note: To send a receipt for a payment made directly to a job, you will first need to select the Payments tab.

  3. Verify the email address and select Send

Your clients will receive an email from your business, with a subject line of Your payment with [business name].

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