In this article, you will learn how to resolve a potential problem when sending text messages using toll-free numbers.

When sending text messages from your toll-free number, you may experience an error that prevents your recipient from receiving the message. This issue may be the result of recent changes adopted by major carriers across North America designed to protect consumers from spam messages.

You can help resolve this issue using the following methods:

  • Changing your Workiz number from a toll-free number to a local number

  • Registering your phone number

Changing your Workiz number

Using a local number instead of a toll-free number as your primary number will resolve your issue immediately.

If you already have a local phone number on your Workiz account:

  1. Open your Numbers page

  2. Hover over the local number you want to use and select Make primary

If you don’t have a local phone number, you may purchase an additional number and assign it as your primary number. To learn more about purchasing a new Workiz number, please see this article.

Registering your phone number

If you would prefer to keep your existing toll-free number, you also have the option to verify your number.

To register your phone number, please provide the following information to our chat support team:

1. Business name

6. Business contact email

2. Business website

7. Business contact phone

3. Business address

8. Additional phone numbers

4. Country

9. 'Contact us' page URL

5. Business contact name (first and last)

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