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Deleting recurring jobs
Deleting recurring jobs

Learn how to easily prevent canceled recurring jobs from appearing on your future schedule.

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In this article, you will learn how to cancel recurring jobs.

Workiz allows you to quickly create recurring jobs with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort when trying to account for ongoing work with one of your clients. Workiz also makes it simple to cancel any recurring jobs that will no longer be taking place.

How to cancel a single job on a recurring schedule

To cancel a single job on a recurring schedule, simply open the job you want to cancel and change the status to Canceled. To learn more about canceling a job, please see this article.

How to delete all jobs on a recurring schedule

  1. Open a job on the recurring schedule

  2. From the Details tab, scroll down to Recurring schedule

  3. From the list, open the first job that will no longer be taking place

  4. From the job page you opened in Step 3, select Actions > Delete job

  5. Select Yes, delete this and all future occurrences

All of the future jobs on this recurring schedule will now be deleted.

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