In this article, you will learn how to track the tips your team has received from clients.

After signing up for the new Workiz Pay, your team will be able to collect tips from clients using invoices. To learn more about collecting tips in Workiz, please see this article.

Note: Tipping is not available for payments made to estimates or jobs without invoices. They must be collected as part of invoice payments, whether as a standalone invoice or an invoice connected to a job.

Workiz also makes it simple to understand how much money your team has collected in the form of tips.

Tracking all tips using the Sales Report

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports

  2. Select Sales

  3. Above the table, select Fields

    Note: You may need to expand the size of your browser window in order to see the Fields button.

  4. From the Visible fields pane, check the following boxes:

    1. Tech

    2. Tip

Your Sales Report will now have columns for tips and techs, allowing you to see the tips that your team collected. All table entries will be categorized by the invoice in which the tip was collected.

You can also filter the results to only display invoices linked to specific members of your team, and adjust the date range to match your pay period.

Tracking tips for individual invoices

  1. Open the invoice in which a tip was collected

  2. Under the line items, review the amount entered in the Tip field

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