How to collect tips from clients

Learn how to request and collect tips from your clients using Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn how to collect tips from your clients using Workiz.

In Workiz, tips can be collected after signing up for Workiz Pay. To learn more about signing up for Workiz Pay, please see this article.

After signing up for Workiz Pay, you will be able to collect tips using two different methods:

  • The Workiz client portal

  • The Workiz mobile app

Enabling tipping

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Workiz Pay

  2. Select the My account tab

  3. Under Account settings, ensure Allow credit card tipping is enabled

Collecting tips on the web app

To request tips from clients using the Workiz web app, make sure the Let clients pay with a credit card option is enabled when sending an invoice.

Your clients will receive a link to the Workiz client portal, where they will have the option to pay for the invoice and provide a tip of their choice.

Collecting tips on the mobile app

Workiz also makes it simple to collect tips while on the go using the Workiz mobile app.

When collecting a credit card payment for an invoice, you’ll be asked to choose between using a card reader or entering the card details manually. The option you choose will impact the tipping experience.

Using a card reader

When using a card reader, the mobile app will prompt you to pass the device to the client so that they may complete the transaction. Your client will see the option to add a tip before being walked through the card reader process.

Entering card manually

When entering the card details manually, the option to add a tip will appear alongside a required signature field near the end of the transaction.

Note: Signatures are required to complete a manual credit card transaction using the mobile app.

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