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We recently made the switch to a new version of Workiz Pay that now uses Stripe technology. Support for the old Workiz Pay via WePay will end on Nov. 30, 2022. Existing customers using Workiz Pay via WePay will need to migrate their accounts to the new Workiz Pay before that date.

The new Workiz Pay is faster, offers improved customer support, gives you enhanced control over your online payments, and enables us to offer modern payment capabilities.

Getting set up with the new Workiz Pay is quick and easy. Existing customers will still be able to collect payments using Workiz Pay via WePay until their account is fully migrated.

Ready to make the switch? Click here.

In this article, you will learn how to collect tips from your clients using Workiz.

In Workiz, tips can be collected for invoices after signing up for Workiz Pay. To learn more about signing up for Workiz Pay, please see this article.

After signing up for Workiz Pay, you will be able to collect tips for invoices using two different methods:

  • The Workiz client portal

  • The Workiz mobile app

Note: Tipping is not available for estimate deposits or job payments. They must be collected as part of invoice payments.

Enabling credit card tipping

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Workiz Pay

  2. Select the My account tab

  3. Ensure Allow credit card tipping is enabled

Requesting tips on desktop

  1. Open the invoice you want to send

  2. Select Send

  3. Ensure Let client pay with a credit card is selected

  4. Select Send email or Send text as desired

Your client will see the option to not only pay for the invoice using the Workiz client portal, but also the ability to add a tip on top of the invoice total.

Requesting tips on mobile

You can also request a tip when collecting payments on the mobile app.

  1. From the Workiz mobile app, open the invoice you want to collect payment for

  2. Next to Payments, select the + icon > Charge

  3. Under Would you like to add a tip?, select the tip amount

  4. Select Submit payment or Use card reader as desired

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