In this article, you will learn how to set up and use your credit card reader to begin processing payments with Workiz Pay.

Credit card readers are essential to growing field service businesses looking to modernize their practices, allowing you to offer your customers a convenient way to pay for your top-notch services.

Note: Card readers are currently only available to users in the US and Canada.

Preparing your credit card reader for setup

Before beginning the setup process, please ensure the following:

  • Your card reader is fully charged.

    Make sure you charge your device for two hours before initial use.

    You can check the battery life by pressing the power button on the side of the device. A full battery will be indicated by four green lights on the front of the device.

  • Your mobile device has Bluetooth enabled.

    While Bluetooth must be enabled on your device’s internal settings, this setup process involves connecting the reader using the Workiz app, not your mobile device’s internal settings.

  • You have a valid business address and phone number listed on your account.

    Workiz requires a valid business address and phone number listed under your account settings in order to register a reader location. To verify you have saved this information on your account, please open your Account settings page.

Setting up your credit card reader

  1. Power card reader on by pressing the power button on the device

    Tip: If not in use, the card reader will automatically shut off after five minutes. This is a default setting for the device to preserve battery life. You will likely need to power the device on before every transaction.

  2. Open the Workiz app on your mobile device

  3. Select the menu icon > Settings

  4. Under Card readers, select Connect

  5. Place the card reader near your mobile device

  6. Select Continue

  7. Select Enable

  8. For Bluetooth access, select OK to allow Bluetooth access

    Note: Bluetooth access is required to find and connect your card reader to your mobile device for initial pairing and payment collection.

  9. For Location access, select Always allow (or similar)

    Note: Precise location access is required to process payments securely (otherwise payments will be declined).

  10. Find the card reader you want to pair and select Connect

    Tip: If you have multiple card readers and need to choose one, you can find the serial number on the back of the device.

  11. Allow the Workiz app to connect to the card reader

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT kill the app during this process.

How to collect payments using card readers

To learn more about charging your customers using card readers, please see this article.

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