In this article, you will learn how to use custom fields in custom documents.

Workiz was designed to fit the needs of most service businesses, but you may find that your organization needs a bit more customization when it comes to creating jobs and adding clients. You can accomplish this by creating custom fields so that you can add all the extra information you’ll ever need for a job or client.

With custom fields, you can create fields for the information your business requires to get the job done, such as before and after photos, required vehicle information, and much more.

Workiz also allows you to use those custom fields to automatically generate relevant job or client information you can use in custom documents.

For example, if you created job custom fields for before and after images, you can configure your invoices to automatically include the images you uploaded to the related job.

Tip: In order to use custom fields in documents, you will first need to enable the add-on and create the fields you want to use. To learn more, please see this article.

How to use custom fields in documents

Custom fields are a great way to tailor your estimates, invoices, and work orders to your specific needs.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under General Settings, select Documents

  3. Select the document template you want to add a custom field to

  4. Select the Layout tab

  5. Drag and drop the layout you want to use onto the document

    Tip: The document will read Drop here to indicate where the new layout is being added

  6. Select the Tools tab

  7. Drag and drop the Text tool onto the empty layout space that reads Drag something here

  8. Delete the placeholder text

  9. From the mini toolbar, select Insert values > Custom values

  10. Choose the custom field you want to add to this document

  11. Format the text as desired

  12. Select Save

Here’s an example of what an invoice would look like if you created custom fields for before and after images, and then inserted the short code for those custom fields into your document:

Note: If the client views the invoice from the Workiz client portal, your client will be able to click on the images to enlarge them.

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