Estimates allow you to send clients the price of your services in advance and ensures that you're both on the same page. Once the service is confirmed you can easily turn the estimate into a job.

You Have 3 Different Ways to Create an Estimate:

Option #1: Main Dashboard (+ Button)

  • Click on the 'Add New' button on the left navigation bar and select 'Estimate'.

Option #2: Main Dashboard (Estimates Button)

  • Click on the 'Estimates' tab on the left menu. Then, select 'Add New' and search for an existing client or create a new one.

Option #3: Job Page

  • Go to the job page, click on the estimate tab, and then on 'Add Estimate'

How Can You Create an Estimate?

From the 'Estimates' page, add the relevant items, their amount, their cost, and price.

Note: Cost is your expense and price is how much you wish to charge the client. Your cost will be hidden from the client and is only for your internal reports.

If you want to add a new item, just describe it and then click on the yellow bar. It will then automatically be added as a new item.

Additional Items You Can Include with Your Estimate:

How Can You Send an Estimate?

  1. When your estimate is ready, click on the 'Send' button on the top right.

  2. Make sure you enable online payments (to get paid quickly).

  3. Go over your subject line, the message, and decide what info you want you the client to see on the estimate.

  4. Send the estimate as an email or SMS message.

Note: If you want to see the estimate before you send it you can click on the 'More...' button and then click 'Preview'.

Another way to view the estimate is to copy the link from the message you sent and click on it.

Workiz allows you to add as many estimates as needed and easily sync your estimate with a job.

Note: You can receive a deposit without converting the estimate into a job. However, in order to receive the full job payment, the estimate must first be converted into a job.

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