Follow the steps below to see how you can forward calls with Workiz:

  1. Click ‘Calls’ from the left-hand menu.

2. Click 'Settings' > 'Call flows' 

3. Edit the call flow you wish to forward.

Note: Numbers are assigned to call flows and the path of the call is determined by the call flow it is assigned to. 

4. In your call flow, expand the 'forward' widget by clicking 'Show'.

5. Under the 'Forward To Whom' section you can choose to enter a phone number or pick from your users, devices, or groups.

  Option 1: Use the number field to manually enter a number.

Option 2: Use the 'User Or Group' section to forward the call to a user or forward it simultaneously to a group.

6. Click 'Save' and all the numbers assigned to this call flow will now be forwarded according to your selection.

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