Creating unscheduled jobs

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Access to this feature is currently only available to those who are part of the beta program.

To request access to the beta, please contact support.

In this article, you will learn how to create unscheduled jobs.

In Workiz, jobs can be created as scheduled or unscheduled events. Adding unscheduled jobs allows you to log these appointments without committing to specific dates, ensuring that these jobs don't fall through the cracks even if they don't have an immediate timeframe. This is a great way to manage your unpredictable work.

If you are looking to manage potential job opportunities instead, we recommend using the Leads add-on. Creating leads in place of unscheduled jobs will allow you to mark these opportunities as "lost" without impacting your job cancellation rate.

To learn more about creating leads in Workiz, please see this article.

How to create unscheduled jobs

Creating unscheduled jobs is almost identical to creating regular jobs, with only one minor difference.

  1. From the sidebar navigation menu, select Create new Job
  2. Enter the client details, service location, and job details
  3. Turn the Scheduled toggle switch off
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  4. Select Create

This job will now be added to your account as an unscheduled job. 

Managing unscheduled jobs

Unscheduled jobs can be managed on the web and mobile apps. 

Managing unscheduled jobs on the web app (desktop)

On the web app, your schedule will have a dedicated button to view all of your unscheduled jobs. You can add these jobs to your schedule by dragging and dropping them from the side pane or opening the job page and assigning a specific service date. 

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You can also open your Jobs dashboard and adjust how your jobs are sorted using the Scheduled column. Unscheduled jobs will always appear at the top or bottom of your list depending on how you have sorted the column.

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Managing unscheduled jobs on the mobile app

You can also manage unscheduled jobs on the go right from the mobile app by opening your list of jobs and filtering by Schedule type > Unscheduled. 


From there, you can add a job to your schedule by opening it and assigning a specific service date. 

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