Applying bulk edits to recurring jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to make changes to recurring jobs.

Creating recurring jobs is a great time-saving tool for service professionals who perform ongoing work for customers. Instead of manually creating a new job for a recurring service, Workiz lets you create and schedule recurring jobs all at once.

Making bulk edits to recurring jobs

Workiz also allows you to apply changes to recurring jobs on your account, either in bulk or to a single job. 

Changes that can be applied in bulk include:

  • Client details
  • Job details
  • Job status
  • Job schedule (date, hour, and length)
  • Technician

Any changes not listed above will only be applied to the single job and cannot be applied in bulk.

  1. Open a job on the recurring schedule
  2. Make your desired changes (as listed above)
  3. Select Save
  4. Select Yes to apply this change to all future jobs within this recurring schedule
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All future jobs within this recurring schedule will now be modified. 

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