Deleting an estimate

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In this article, you will learn how to delete an estimate in Workiz.

Before deleting an estimate

Deleting data in Workiz — including estimates — is generally not recommended. Deleting an estimate is a permanent action, and our technical support team will not be able to restore it after deleting.

Here are some other things to consider before deleting an estimate:

  • If you synced an estimate to a job, the items from that estimate will remain at the job level even after deleting the estimate. Because payments must be removed prior to deleting an estimate, those payments will also be removed from all relevant jobs. Although Workiz does not support the restoration of deleted estimates, you may use to the retained job items as reference for creating a replacement estimate. 
  • If you collected a deposit, you will first need to decide how you want to handle the payment before deleting the estimate. Online payments via Workiz Pay may be refunded. Offline payments like cash or check may be deleted and resolved offline. 
  • When creating future estimates, the numbering will take into account any deleted estimates. For example, if you deleted estimate #10, the next estimate will still be numbered estimate #11.  
  • If you synced the estimate to your QuickBooks Online account, deleting an estimate in Workiz will not automatically delete the estimate (and transactions) in QuickBooks. To keep your Workiz and QuickBooks accounts in sync, you will need to manually delete the estimate in QuickBooks as well.
  • If your estimate contained inventory items, the units will be returned to their previous inventory location. 

How to delete an estimate

If you are certain you want to permanently delete an estimate, it can be done in just a few steps.

  1. Open the estimate you want to delete
  2. Select ActionsDelete
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  3. Select Yes, delete

If an estimate has been deleted from your account, you can open the Activity report to determine who deleted it.

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