Creating and sending purchase orders

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Access to this feature is currently only available to those who are part of the beta program.

To request access to the beta, please contact support.


In this article, you will learn how to create and send purchase orders in Workiz.

Purchase Orders is a tool available in the Feature Center/Marketplace designed to help you manage your purchase order lifecycles. From creating a purchase order with items that are relevant to specific jobs, sending the purchase order to a vendor, and tracking the delivery status, Workiz makes it easy to monitor and manage your purchase orders. 

Creating a new purchase order can be done in minutes.

Creating a new purchase order

In order to create a purchase order, you will first need to enable the tool from the Feature Center/Marketplace. To learn more about enabling Purchase Orders, please see this article.

After enabling the tool, a new tab will appear on the sidebar navigation menu on the left for your purchase orders. This is where you’ll create new purchase orders.

  1. From the sidebar navigation menu, select Purchase Orders
  2. From the Orders tab, select New PO
  3. Create your purchase order:
    2024-06-13_09-11-23 1POs.png
    1. Vendor: Choose the vendor you want to send this purchase order to

      To learn more about creating new vendors, please see this article.

    2. Order date
    3. Add items: Add the items you want to include on this purchase order
    4. Quantity: Enter the quantity of items you want to include on this purchase order
    5. Jobs: Connect an item to a job by searching using the job ID or client name 
    6. Select Next 
  4. Configure your purchase order delivery preferences:
    2024-06-13_09-11-48 1POs.png
    1. Order preference: Choose whether this order will be delivered or picked up

      Please be aware that selecting "delivery" will not automatically initiate a delivery. You must manually arrange the delivery with your vendor offline.

    2. Delivery date: Enter the estimated delivery date
    3. Delivery address: Enter the address where the order will be delivered
    4. (Optional) Notes
    5. (Optional) Attachments

Sending your purchase order

When creating your purchase order, you will have the option of saving it as a draft that you can send later or sending it right away. If you are saving it as a draft, you may send it at any time by selecting the send icon from the Actions column on the far right of the Purchase Orders dashboard. 

All purchase orders must be sent via email.

  1. Review the message information (from, to, subject line) and select Send email
    image 999.png

Workiz will automatically update your dashboard to show that the email was sent, including a timestamp of when it was sent. The purchase order status will automatically change to Sent after sending. To learn more about purchase order statuses, please see this article

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