Automatically creating leads from service request emails with Genius Leads

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Genius Leads is currently only available to users who are part of the beta program.

To join the beta, please contact support.

In this article, you will learn how to automatically generate new leads in Workiz whenever you receive service request emails. 

As a field service business, you may receive lead information in a number of different ways, like website emails, warranty requests, and even emails directly from a third-party lead provider. With Genius Leads, you can now automatically create new leads in Workiz whenever you receive one of those emails. 

Creating a new Genius Lead rule

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear/profile icon
  2. Under General settings, select Genius Leads
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  3. Select Create new rule

Setting up your rule

  1. Create your new rule:
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    1. Rule name: Enter a name for your new rule
    2. Lead source: Select the existing ad group responsible for these leads
    3. Confirmation message: Enter a brief confirmation message that will automatically be sent to the email address(es) that send the original lead emails
    4. (Optional) Map your job fields: Select Add a field and match a Workiz job (lead) field to the corresponding text found in the emails you will be sending 
    5. Select Create and test

Testing your rule

Before testing your rule, ensure your Workiz account has custom fields corresponding to those in your email. Genius Leads will automatically attempt to map all of your email fields to the relevant lead fields in Workiz. However, if your email contains fields that do not have corresponding custom fields in Workiz, the process may fail to function as expected.

To learn more about creating custom fields, please see this article

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  1. Open your email inbox and find an example email that you want to test (e.g., a website email, warranty request, etc.)
  2. Send that email to the email address generated by Workiz (e.g.,

    For the best results, remove all unnecessary information, including email signatures and forwarding markers.

  3. Allow a few moments for the page to automatically update with your results
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  4. Once updated, review the test results and select Looks good (or Try again)
  5. Ensure all future service request emails are also sent to your Genius Leads email address

What you'll see

After setting up your Genius Leads rule, future incoming emails will be visible from your Message Center. Emails that were automatically converted into new leads will be labeled accordingly. 

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