Closing larger jobs using pay-over-time options from Wisetack

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The ability to offer Wisetack consumer financing is currently only available to users who are part of the beta program.

To request access to the beta, please contact

In this article, you will learn how to start winning more (and bigger) jobs by giving customers the option to pay monthly using Wisetack.

What is Wisetack?

Wisetack is a consumer financing company that helps in-person businesses give their customers the option to pay over time. It integrates directly with Workiz, giving you the consumer financing options you need to secure larger jobs.

Wisetack eligibility

To be eligible to offer Wisetack consumer financing options to your clients, your business will need to be based in the US and typically need to:

  • Have annual revenue of at least $150,000 or monthly revenue of at least $15,000 for the last three months
  • Have an EIN
  • Have held a valid business license for at least one year

Why offer consumer financing options?

Most customers expect flexible payment options that allow them to budget for larger purchases. Signing up for Wisetack means you get paid when the work is complete, while your customer pays over time in manageable monthly installments. No more tracking down customers for payments or assuming the risk if the customer is late or fails to pay. 

According to Wisetack:

  • Jobs financed through Wisetack were 4.5 times bigger than other jobs
  • Nearly 90% of businesses won a job because they offered monthly payments through Wisetack
  • Nearly 90% of clients who financed through Wisetack said they were happy and relieved they were offered consumer financing options

This is an ideal solution for budget-conscious clients who need the flexibility to pay over time for services needed.  

How much does Wisetack cost?

With Wisetack, you will have the ability to offer clients a variety of different repayment options designed to meet their needs and help you close larger jobs. 

There are no setup or subscription fees associated with using Wisetack. Transaction fees that your business will pay for using Wisetack start at 3.9%, but can vary depending on the sort of repayment options you want to offer to your clients. All Wisetack plans include a 3-month 0% APR option for qualifying customers. When a customer chooses this option, you will pay your normal fixed transaction fee.

You also have the option to enroll in one of Wisetack’s 0% APR add-ons, which allows you to offer customers interest-free options for up to 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. When you decide to enroll in one of these add-ons, your transaction fee will vary depending on the financing option your customer chooses. 

How does consumer financing work?

After enabling Wisetack, a consumer financing option will automatically be presented to your clients in the Workiz client portal when viewing estimates and invoices totaling $500–$25,000. 

In order for your client to take advantage of this consumer financing option, they must first submit an application through Wisetack (which can be accessed from the Workiz client portal). Applying takes less than a minute, and approximately 80% of applicants are approved through Wisetack.

Applications are reviewed without an impact on their credit score, but please be aware that accepting a financing offer and repayment behavior may affect credit.

Here’s what you clients can expect to see:

  1. A request for some basic information (like their name and address).
  2. If approved, they’ll see the amount they were approved for and up to six options to choose from. Each option clearly outlines the monthly payment amount and total cost. 
  3. After choosing their financing option, the last step requires your client to confirm completion of the service so that the funds can be released to your business.

Once your client confirms the completed service and releases the funds, it will be 1–3 business days before the funds are deposited into your bank account. At this point, your role in the transaction is complete. Wisetack will take care of the repayments. 

Enabling Wisetack

Enabling Wisetack for your business can be done in just a few steps.

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Feature Center/Marketplace
  2. Find and select Wisetack consumer financing

    Not seeing Wisetack listed in your Feature Center/Marketplace? You may only have access to consumer financing through Sunbit.

    To use Wisetack instead, please contact support.

  3. Turn the toggle switch on/off to enable/disable the feature
  4. Select Get started
  5. Complete the setup prompts from Wisetack

You will receive a notification from Wisetack once your application has been reviewed. Once approved, you will be given access to Wisetack’s merchant portal, where you can configure your account and plan preferences. 

Once approved, “As low as $XX” options will be shown to your clients on every invoice and estimate you send through Workiz, giving them the option to pay over time. 

For more information on how to collect payments with Wisetack, please see this article.

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