Automatically transcribing and summarizing calls using Call Insights

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In this article, you will learn how you can use Workiz Genius to automatically transcribe and summarize your phone calls using Call Insights.

Call Insights is part of the Workiz Genius suite — a toolkit of powerful AI features that provides you with a smart assistant capable of understanding your unique needs. This tool takes our integrated phone system to the next level, designed to help you truly understand the needs of your clients, team members, and business as a whole.

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With this powerful AI tool, Workiz Phone can now:

  • Transcribe your calls
  • Search for words in a call
  • Provide a call summary
  • Extract the most important pieces of information, like job type, address, and pricing 

After enabling Call Insights, all future calls will automatically be transcribed and summarized. You will also have the option of AI-enhancing your existing calls manually on a per-call basis. Getting insights for each existing call takes just a few minutes. 

Call transcriptions

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With Call Insights, your phone calls will automatically be transcribed. Each piece of dialogue will be attributed to individual call participants, making it easy for you to determine who said what. 

When listening to the audio, Call Insights will automatically highlight the relevant part of the transcript in real time. You also have the option of selecting a specific part of the transcript or searching for keywords so you can easily skip to the parts of the call that matter most. 

Call summaries

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Call Insights will automatically create a summary of your call so you can quickly determine what took place. The summary will include key details such as the customer's name, why they called, what information they provided, as well as whether or not an appointment was scheduled. 

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