Automatically creating invoices when jobs are done

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In this article, you will learn how to automatically generate an invoice once jobs are marked done in Workiz.

Workiz Automations is a great tool for creating automated reminders for both your team and your clients. It also offers the ability to automatically perform actions based on certain conditions within your account — including creating invoices when jobs are complete.

Enabling the automation rule

In order to automatically create invoices when jobs are done, you will first need to enable the Workiz Automations add-on from the Marketplace.

To learn more about enabling the add-on, please see this article.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Automations
  2. Under Actions, select the Create invoice / Immediately template 
  3. (Optional) Customize your automation rule as desired, including:

    1. The job status that should trigger the action (e.g., submitted, pending, etc.)
    2. The extra conditions you want to assign to this rule (e.g. only if job type = inspection, or only if job tag ≠ loyal customer)
  4. Select Add automation 

When this rule is triggered, an invoice will automatically be created. The line items on the invoice will be sourced from the line items you previously added to the job. If the job did not have line items when the rule was triggered, a blank invoice will be created. 

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