Adding tags to your calls

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In this article, you will learn how to add tags to your calls in Workiz.

Similar to job or client tags, call tags allow you to help you quickly identify the nature of each call in your history log. This will make it easier to manage and prioritize your efforts on a daily basis.

Creating call tags

Tags can be created from the Calls page. 

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Calls
  2. Select a call from your history log
  3. Select Add tag
  4. Select Create new
  5. Create your tag:
    1. Tag name
    2. Tag color
    3. Select Save

Adding call tags

After creating a tag, it will become available to add to all calls across your account. 

  1. Select the call you want to tag
  2. Select Add tag

  3. Choose the tags you want to add and select Save

After adding your tags, you can reorder them by dragging them to your desired order. 

The mobile app will only fully display the first tag for a call from your calls tab (but all tags will be visible when opening the call). Consider placing the most important tag first to ensure your team can see them at a glance.

Group 4746tags.png

Editing call tags

Workiz also makes it easy to edit your existing call tags, allowing you to change the tag’s color or name, remove it from a call, or delete it from your account entirely. 

When updating a tag’s name or color, you will be prompted to choose between saving it as a separate tag or updating all of your impacted calls with this modified tag. 

The first option will ensure that your original tag and all of the impacted calls will remain unaffected. The second option will not create a separate tag, but instead simply ensure that your tag modifications are applied across all of the calls that already feature this tag.

Filtering calls by tag

Workiz’s filtering tool will also allow you to sort all of your calls with specific tags. 


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