Monitoring inventory usage in Workiz

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Inventory Usage report to monitor your inventory-related activities. 

Workiz’s Inventory add-on lets you see your stock levels and inventory usage from anywhere using any device. Every usage, stock change, or return is logged and easily tracked.

Understanding the Inventory Usage report

The Inventory Usage report will provide you with access to three different tabs: inventory usage, returns, and action log. 

This report defaults to the current month, but you can adjust the time range selector to display data from a different time period (e.g., last 14 days, last 30 days, etc.). The data displayed for each tab can be filtered by tech, location, item category, and/or item brand. 

The jobs in this report are displayed relative to the job's scheduled date, not the date when the item was used. This means that when you select a time period, such as “last week” or “last month,” the report will show jobs scheduled during that time frame, regardless of when the item usage occurred.

Inventory usage

Group 4741-report.png

This table displays all of the inventory items that were added as line items to jobs/invoices over a certain period of time. 

Each row represents the usage of a single inventory item on a unique job/invoice, which may encompass one or more units that were used on that job/invoice. If multiple units were added to a unique job/invoice, Workiz will calculate and display the total.

This report will only display inventory items that were used on jobs and job-connected invoices, but not standalone invoices.


Group 4741.png

This table displays all of the inventory item units that were added to your locations, but were then removed from those locations over a certain period of time. 

Each row represents a single return action, which may encompass one or more units that were returned as part of that action. If a return reason was provided when performing the action, that reason will be displayed on this table.

Action log

2023-10-20_11-52-42 1.png

This table displays all of the inventory-related actions you and your team have taken over a certain period of time. 

Displayable actions include:

  • Created new item
  • Updated item information
  • Removed item from inventory management
  • Added X item(s) to location Y
  • Moved X item(s) from location Y to location Z
  • Used X item(s) from location Y on invoice/job 
  • Returned X item(s) from job/invoice to location Y

When applicable, this tab will also show you the specific job or invoice on which the inventory items were used.

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