Understanding the Leads report

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Leads report in Workiz. 

Unlike the Leads page that you can access along the sidebar navigation in Workiz, the Leads report is designed to show you more than just your open leads. 

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With the Leads report, you can access leads that were created within a certain period of time. This report defaults to the current week, but you can adjust the time range selector to display data from a different time period.

Although leads in Workiz can be scheduled or unscheduled, it’s important to be aware that scheduled start and end dates are automatically generated for all leads upon creation. The scheduled period will be a one-hour window beginning at the nearest half hour after creating the lead.

Deciding to keep a lead unscheduled means it will have no impact on your Workiz schedule or relevant automations, but please be aware that the start and end times will remain stored for the sole purpose of generating this report.

If you convert a lead into a job, the lead’s start and end dates will be overwritten to reflect the job’s start and end dates. The created date will always represent the date that the lead was created, regardless of whether it was converted into a job or not.

Adjusting the time range selector will also impact the data displayed in the widgets at the top of the page, including the total number of leads, the number of leads converted, the conversion rate, and the amount of money those leads sold for. 

You can easily filter to only view leads with a specific status — including converted and/or lost. This differs from the Leads page, which will stop displaying a lead after it has been converted into a job or marked lost.

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This report will not show you leads that have been deleted from your account. Deleted leads cannot be accessed or restored.

The Leads report goes beyond the Leads page by also allowing you to isolate leads using the following filters:

  • Created by
  • External companies

As is the case with most reports in Workiz, you also have the option of exporting the data as a CSV file.

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