Website Integration - Adding a Service Form to Your Website

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Workiz lets you take service requests from your website with a customizable form that can be easily embedded into your website.



How Can You Create Your Website Form?

1. Go to 'Settings'.


2. Under 'Integrations' click on 'Website Integration'.

Note: You can create multiple forms that you can use on your website to get leads and service requests.

To create a new form, click "Add new form".

How Can You Configure Your Web Form?

  1. Name your new form: Give it a name that describes where this form is going to be used (

  2. Turn fields on or off to include them in the form: You can switch the required columns on or off if you want them to be required fields.

3. Notify by email: Choose an email you would like to notify every time a form is submitted.


4. Notify by SMS: Choose a phone number you would like to notify every time a form is submitted.


5. Auto-assign to a user: Automatically assign new jobs from this form to a specific user.


6. Assign ad group: Set an automatic ad group for jobs coming from this form.


7. Use CAPTCHA: This is recommended to make sure that your users are human.


Hit "save" when you are done.


How Can You Use This Form on Your Website?

Go back to the main list in forms and click 'Use in website' next to the form you wish to use.

Here you have 2 options:
1. Use a link to your own page with your form (If you don't have a website...)
2. Embed the form onto your website. Copy the code block and place it on your website. You can also email this code to your web designer if you don't know how to do it yourself.


Getting Service Requests From Your Site

When someone submits a contact request using your forms:
1. You will be notified via SMS and email according to your preferences.
2. You can see all contact requests in your new website request report.
3. In your incoming messages, you can see all received contact requests and add them as a job.



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