Customizing estimate, invoice, and work order templates

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In this article, you will learn how to customize the look of your estimates, invoices, and work orders.

Your Workiz account will automatically come with three document templates that you can send to your clients: estimates, invoices, and work orders.

While these templates have been carefully designed to meet the needs of most field service businesses, we understand that these documents are not one size fits all. These documents can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

How to customize your estimates, invoices, and work orders

  1. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon ( ) > Settings
  2. Under General Settings, select Documents

  3. Select the document template you want to customize

Customization basic: Template designs

The simplest way to update the look of your document is to select a template from the Design tab.

Customization basics: Content blocks

If you want to further customize your document template, you’ll first need to become familiar with the basics of the document editor.

In Workiz, document templates are designed to be divided into content blocks. Hover your mouse over the document to identify those blocks. Content blocks will feature a yellow border when hovering your mouse.

You can edit the specific text within certain content blocks or delete the blocks entirely by hovering over a block and selecting the trash bin.

Group 4670jrsdocs.png

You can edit the information with an items list by selecting Email options and editing the selections under What can my clients see?.

If you delete a content block, the empty content block will now read Drag Something Here.

You can either leave the content block empty or add one of the items from the Tools tab by clicking and dragging an item onto an empty content block.

If you want to add more items from the Tools tab without having to delete existing content blocks, you can select one of the empty content blocks from the Layout tab by clicking and dragging them onto a yellow space that will read Drop here. This will create more empty content blocks for you to work with.

Customization basics: Short code

Group 4585.png

You’ll notice some of the text in your document is surrounded by curly brackets (e.g., #{{example text}} ). This is known as short code, which is a way to ensure that your documents are generated intelligently by automatically pulling the information you have already entered into your Workiz account.

The short code is only designed to be a placeholder for the document builder. The documents you generate and send to your clients will not feature any curly brackets.

Customization basics: Editing text

Group 4672jrsdocs.png

As mentioned, most of the text within your document can be edited. Select a block with text and you’ll see a mini toolbar similar to the ones used in many text editors.

Here, you will find tools to edit the font, text alignment, and add other placeholder items from the short code library, among other tools.

Previewing and saving your document

Once you’re done making edits to your document, you can preview your document.

Group 4671jrsdocs.png

If you’re satisfied with your document, select Save to save your changes.

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