Customizing team roles and permissions

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In this article, you will learn how to assign, customize, and create new roles for your Workiz users.

Workiz has been designed with most service businesses in mind. We understand that not everybody on your team needs as much access to the system as your administrators. By default, your Workiz account will come equipped with four different roles you can assign to members of your team:

  • Admin: Highly authorized role with no restrictions
  • Manager: Authorized role restricted from user management and main account settings
  • Dispatcher: Authorized role restricted from main account settings and some reports
  • Tech: Limited role with few permissions

Each role will come with a unique set of permissions designed to only show your team members what they need to see.

Workiz also allows you to alter the permissions associated with specific roles, and even create new roles from scratch to better meet the needs of your service business.

Assigning a role to a user

You can assign a role to a user when first creating their account and inviting them to your Workiz team. You can also assign a role to your team members after their accounts have already been created.

You can only assign roles to paid users on your Workiz team. Roles are not available for subcontractors.

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Team
  2. Select the user whose role you want to update
  3. Under User Details, select User role and choose a role as desired
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Customizing a role’s permissions

Workiz also allows you to update the permissions associated with a specific role.

  1. From the navigation bar, select > Settings
  2. Under Users & Roles, select Roles & Permissions
  3. Select the role you want to update
  4. Review the list of permissions on the Actions and Reports tabs, and turn the toggle switch ON or OFF as desired
  5. Select the Advanced tab and adjust the following permissions as desired:
    1. Service areas: Choose the service areas that this role will have access to
    2. Users: Choose the users that this role will have access to
    3. Status: Choose the job status that this role will have access to
  6. Select Save

Creating a new role

While Workiz provides all accounts with four roles to choose from when creating new users, you can also create custom roles that mirror your organization’s structure.

  1. From the navigation bar, select > Settings
  2. Under Users & roles, select Roles & permissions
  3. Select Add new role
    1. Enter a name for the role you are creating and select Save
  4. Select the role you just created
  5. Edit the permissions as desired

    Custom roles will have all permissions enabled by default.

  6. Select Save

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