Adding items and services to jobs, estimates, and invoices

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In this article, you will learn how to add items and services to jobs, estimates, and invoices.

Items and services are reusable line items you create and store on your Workiz account to save yourself time when creating jobs, estimates, and invoices. You can add useful information like the item's name, cost, and the price you want to charge.

Adding items and services in Workiz is a useful way to create detailed estimates and invoices you send to your customers. It provides a transparent breakdown of the services and products you are billing them for.

Estimate items can also easily be copied onto invoices or jobs once the estimate is approved.

Workiz also allows you to add items to jobs using your price book.

To learn more about how to create and use your price book, please see this article.

How to add items and services

Adding items to jobs

  1. Open the job you want to add items to
  2. Select the Items tab
  3. Add an item from your list or price book

Adding items to estimates and invoices

  1. Open the estimate or invoice you want to add items to
  2. Select Add item

Copying estimate items to an invoice or job

If an estimate is approved by your client, you can copy the items from an estimate to create an invoice or a job.

  1. From the estimate page, select Actions > Copy to invoice or Copy to job
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Items from this estimate will automatically be copied over to the invoice or job.

Creating an invoice from job items

Now that you’ve added items to your job, you can create an invoice from this job to automatically copy the items to a new invoice.

  1. From the job page, select Create Invoice
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