How to use the Tasks add-on to manage complex jobs

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Tasks add-on for jobs and leads in Workiz.

Your business likely performs a variety of different services on a regular basis. Some of those services may be simple jobs, requiring just a single appointment on your schedule. Other services may be larger and more complex.

Workiz allows you to tackle these larger projects with the Tasks add-on, a feature that provides you with the ability to break larger projects down into smaller, more manageable jobs or leads.

Enabling the tasks add-on

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Marketplace
  2. Under Add-ons, select Tasks

  3. Turn the toggle on to enable the add-on

Managing jobs or leads with tasks

Creating a new task

  1. Open the job or lead you want to add tasks to
  2. Select the Tasks tab
    Group 4537tasks.png
  3. Select New task
  4. Create your new task:
    2023-09-06_08-30-37 1.png
    1. Task title: Enter a name for the task you are creating
    2. Task description: Enter a brief description for the task you are creating
    3. Task starts: Choose the date and time this task is scheduled to begin
    4. Task ends: Choose the date and time this task is scheduled to end
    5. Assigned to: Choose the team member you want to assign this task to
    6. Select Save
  5. Repeat Step 4 for all of the tasks you want to assign to this job

Tasks will now appear on your schedule alongside jobs and leads, allowing you to keep track of larger projects.

image 657tasks.png

Updating a task’s status

Each task will include its own status to indicate whether it is Open or Completed. Task statuses can be managed from within the job page.

  1. Open the job page that contains tasks you want to update
  2. Select the Tasks tab
  3. Select the task you want to update
  4. Select Mark as done
    Group 4538tasks.png

The task you just marked as done will now read Completed from the Tasks tab.

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